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Warranty & Repairs

Please note we test all of our items prior to shipping, pick up and delivery. If for some reason your item happens to be faulty upon arrival or not up to standard please let us know and we will always be happy to rectify the issue as best we can and as promptly as possible but please take note of the below.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Tumai Whanau Customs offer a 12-month Warranty on all of our products sold from the date of purchase

  • Warranty is for personal use. If you plan to use any of our items for commercial use please get in contact with us so we can make the correct adjustments for high volume use.
  • Warranty will be void if our recommended care isn't carried out by the customer. Please refer to our "Caring for your item" page.
  • Please note that warping and cracks can be normal with timber due to environmental factors and is not covered under warranty. It will not affect it's use or safety. If you believe it has become unsafe please contact us and we will see if we can organise a replacement part to be shipped or sent out within 12 months of purchase. Please note that this may come with additional costs at the buyers expense if it is due to an environmental factor.correctly
  • We do not takeresponsibility for any natural knots in any of our items. Timber has flaws just like us and we need to embrace them.
  • We do not cover magnet repairs. Occasionally these can be bumped back in transit or whilst in use. All you need to do is unscrew it and bring it forward. Alternatively a replacement is available at most hardware stores
  • Sometimes doors can sit differently and this is due to imperfections in timber we will assess it and determine whether it is eligible for a repair, replacement or how you can best asjust it (Please send photos and videos in this instance)
  • Modifications made to the items will void warranty
  • Regular wear & tear of the product is not covered under warranty 
  • Paint fade can be normal if not cared for (please see our "Caring for your item" page)
  • Hooks, tubs for sinks, tap colour and brands may vary as to whats available 
  • Damage during transporting the item yourself isn't covered under warranty.
  • Shipped items are covered during transportation. We have no control over how couriers handle your items and we package them the best we can given the size of our items. So please contact us knowing we are happy to help but it is not at a fault of our own. 
  • All shipped items are covered by insurance. Please contact the courier selected at checkout prior to contacting us in regards to any damage or if your package is delayed.
  • Damage caused by excessive force is not covered under warranty 
  • Damage caused by using the item incorrectly or in a way it wasn't intended for will void warranty 
  • Item falling over isn't covered (Please see our "Caring for your item" page) 
  • Warranty is void if item is not assembled correctly
  • We take no responsibility for damaged caused by shipping but as above will assist where possible but advise you to make a claim with shipping company 
  • Items should be opened immediately upon arrival if shipped to ensure there's less chance of items sweating and sticking
  • We do not manufacture the taps. There is limited suppliers of these taps in Australia. We test each one before they go but can't gaurantee that they will last. You can find replacement pump taps on ebay or from stores such as BCF and Anaconda.
  • We do not cover damage from pests such as termites, mice, cockroaches or other insects 
  • We do not cover damage that is caused by your pets 
  • We do not cover damage from weather such as hail, storms, excessive heat of over 40 degrees, floods or fires.
  • We do not cover damage caused by items not being covered with a tarp, bbq cover or similar
  • We do not cover damage caused by weather if you do not care for your item as recommended on our "caring for your item" page.
  • Supervision required for all children under 3 is recommended for all of our items. 
  • Do not leave children unattended when using water for play 
  • Do not leave children unattended when your chalkboard is attached to your fence 
  • Do not lean your chalkboard against anything with out correctly attaching safety straps or ensuring it is safely screwed in to your fence
  • Ensure that you follow the care instructions for all of our items or ask if unsure
  • Do not leave children under 3 unattended with our teddy bear zoo storage boxes as string can be a strangulation hazard 
  • We recommend using a safety strap to your wall for kitchens, work benches, chalkboards and toy boxes as an extra safety measure to ensure they don't tip
  • Follow all care instructions to avoid your warranty being void 

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