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Large mud kitchen assembly


  1. Remove all packaging
  2. Place kitchen on a flat surface. The more level the better.
  3. We have provided you with 50mm screws x 12 for the backing legs. 
  4. Place your correct coloured piece upright against the kitchen frame with its matching colour. 
  5. You will now need to hold it tight and screw your 50mm screws in as deep as they can go. Each leg requires 4 screws as marked. 
  6. On each part there will be a sticker and you just need to colour match them. 
  7. Once your backing legs are on, you will need to attach your planks, again there have coloured dots for you to match pieces with. 
  8. We have provided 45mm screws x24 for these. Each plank requires 2 screws on each end to hold them in place and 2 in the middle of each piece as you will holes for. 
  9. Start with the bottom plank, then 2nd, 3rd and followed by the top plank. 
  10. Finished and ready to use.

You will need a flathead screwdriver for assembly, if you have an impact driver it will make the process quicker but not necessary as we have pre drilled and screwed for you prior to shipping. You just need to colours match and line your pieces up with their existing holes. 

We have included- 50mm screws x12. 45mm screws x24, 3 backing legs, 4 backing planks and your kitchen base. 

If for some reasons unable to put it together please contact us via email and we will provide you with an instructional video. 

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