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Q: Are they weather proof? We believe nothing is ever 100% weather proof but they are weather resistant. We highly recommend a cover for when not in use. 

Q: I thought all mud kitchens were weather proof, why aren't yours? Perhaps some are but we're a registered and insured business that believes in honesty. Alot of people who build mud kitchens do it from pallets. Pallets are generally not treated. We do not use pallets! Our framing and planks are treated. Chalkboard trims are not treated. Chalkboard paint is not made for outdoors so should be covered regardless. When left uncovered, leaves may fall onto your benchtop and cause oils to seep into the wood. 

Q: Does the oven open? Yes, all of our ovens open and close. There is a little magnet inside to help keep it closed but to also keep it easy enough for little ones to open. 

Q: Does the tap work? Yes.

Q: How does the tap work? You just fill the tub provided below the kitchen with water and then pull the handle up and down. 

Q: Does the water keep running? Unfortunately it doesn't have a constant flow but we gaurantee your water bill thanks you for that. 

Q: Why don't you offer taps that connect to a hose? We are all for teaching kids how to reuse, reduce and recycle. With the pump taps the kids quickly learn how to empty their water back into the below tub and continue playing. As a bonus addition you can help them water the garden with the left over water so they can further understand reducing their water wastage.

Q: Is a raw kitchen safe? Painted will always be safer. All of our timber is treated to help ensure it lasts outside and to prevent rot. We recommend children don't leave food on the bottom of their raw kitchens. We clear coat all of our kitchens to add an extra level of protection. 

Q: Is there anything I can do to make it last longer? With all outdoor items, proper care is very important. We recommend clear coating your kitchen every 3-6 months on painted kitchens or every 3 months for raw kitchens (this will help with keeping the raw kitchens safe if your little one leaves food on the bottom aswell) Please refer to our "Caring for your item" page and "Warranty and Repairs"

Q: Do they come fully assembled? They only come assembled if you choose pick up on checkout or organise delivery through us prior to ordering. The backings will not be assembled when shipped in order to keep shipping costs low but the rest of the kitchen will be assembled. Easy instructions will be provided. Please see our Shipping, pick up or delivery page for more information.

Q: What are the sinks made of? Unfortunately they are made of plastic. We have been unable to source a permanent supplier for the sized stainless bowls we need and can only source limited quantity for childcares/kindergartens. 

Q: Why do your mud kitchens cost so much? We are a registered and insured small business. Our items are built completely by us. We take every precaution to ensure that each item is as safe as possible for your little ones, which takes time. We do this as a business and passion, not as a hobby that could risk your littles ones health and safety. We started out small but we have always put safety first!

Please check our "Caring for your items" page or contact us with any additional questions you may have.